Website Privacy Policy 

At Spectrum Transport we respect the privacy of every individual who visits our website.
Thisprivacy statement provides notice of the standards and terms underwhich we protect the privacy of information supplied by visitors to ourwebsite.
This policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically to review this information.
Spectrum Transport receivesdata about its website visitors only when such information is providedvoluntarily, such as when a visitor requests information or a quote,makes a purchase or sends us an e-mail.
When you providepersonally identifiable information to us through our website, it willbe used only to fulfil your specific request. We do reserve the right,at our discretion, to send you information about specials or services.We will not, however, sell or trade your personally identifiableinformation unless we are authorized or legally required to do so.
Spectrum Transport takesall reasonable steps to ensure your information remains secure, and toprevent unauthorised access to your information. We use our bestefforts to ensure that information received via this website remainssecure within our systems, however users should be aware that there areinherent risks in transmitting information across the Internet. We arenot responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to yourpersonal information.
The Spectrum Transport website does not use cookies to automatically gather information about you when you visit our website.